Student Advisory Council

Learn about the student advisory council, elected to provide input on UMGC's significant institutional decisions.

The Student Advisory Council (STAC) provides advice to the university administration, and thus serves as an avenue for you and your fellow students to provide feedback about UMGC's mission and overall direction. The council consists of 12 members, elected by the student body, who act in advisory capacity to the university leadership. The council does not have the authority to act on behalf of individual students but instead provides recommendations for the improvement of UMGC for the benefit of all.

The Student Advisory Council meets regularly to discuss issues of importance to students and the university. Representatives from Europe have been selected by you, the UMGC Europe student body. These students are currently representing you. If you would like to see certain issues that affect the entire student body addressed or if you have questions, please feel free to e-mail at any time.

Europe STAC Representatives

John-Fredelvis Nyiambayu

UMGC Europe Undergraduate Representative, Student Advisory Council


Ashley Mize

UMGC Europe Undergraduate Representative (Alternate) Student Advisory Council

Ashley Marie Mize serves as undergraduate representative for UMGC Europe. Originally from The Woodlands, Texas, Mize resides with her husband at Aviano Air Base, Italy, where she has served in the U.S. Air Force as a records custodian for the past six years.

Mize describes herself as persistent, goal-minded, and strategic in helping her fellow airmen—as well as fellow UMGC students—improve their situations and meet the challenges they face, whatever they may be.

Learn More About the Student Advisory Council

See a complete listing of all your global STAC representatives.

For more information about STAC, please review the STAC Constitution, STAC Bylaws, and Governance Structure. Be sure to contact if you have questions or need more information.