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UMUC offers exciting opportunities and great benefits.

UMUC is seeking qualified applicants for key positions throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. Apply now to join our team.

Accounting Assistant, Accounts Payable (location - Headquarters, Kaiserslautern): the accounting assistant reports to the chief accountant, and is responsible for assisting with all accounts payable functions. Selected duties include reviewing expense reports for accuracy and completeness, inputting supplier invoice data, processing payments, and preparing checks. This individual will be expected to collaborate and multitask, and should be in possession of excellent written and oral communications skills.    

Building Monitors (locations - multiple): building monitors ensure that quality services are provided to all current and prospective students. Duties include opening and closing computer labs, building entrances, and classrooms; proctoring exams; and additional duties as assigned. Full and part-time positions are available at more than ten locations in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.      

How to apply: visit our careers page and select the position announcement. UMUC offers competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits for qualifying positions, such as tuition remission, generous leave, and healthcare.

These are just some of the many openings for staff and faculty positions. Learn more, and find out how UMUC can work for you!               



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