New Look for UMUC

Get Ready for a New Look and Logo!

Beginning 4 June, UMUC is launching a new logo, color scheme, and look that we think best reflects us as both a global institution and a respected public state university. This is a global initiative for UMUC, to include Europe, Asia, and our Maryland and stateside locations.

Our new image better communicates who we are: a public state university with a commitment to making higher education available and achievable anywhere. For there is no distance we won’t go to help working adults like you succeed.

Even though our look is changing, our tradition continues. At UMUC, we take great pride in being one of twelve state schools within the University System of Maryland. We also know that our heritage and our reputation has as a foundation our worldwide footprint serving working adults and the U.S. military. And having just celebrated our 70th anniversary, we think that now more than ever is the right time for a fresh look.

Our new color palette will consist of red, gold, and black, which ties us more directly to the University System of Maryland. The description within our new logo, meanwhile, will continue to highlight "Europe" as the location where we serve.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, you will see updates to first our social media platforms and websites, and then to our communications and marketing materials.

You will also have an opportunity to purchase new school gear--everything from drinkware to desk supplies, and from apparel to bags and accessories.

We hope that you join us in celebrating our new image!

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