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You still have time to register for our Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 terms. This a tremendous opportunity for both new and returning students to move one step closer to earning their degrees while stationed and living overseas. Now is a perfect time to register. Regardless of the situatuation, we stand ready to modify our on-site and hybrid courses to a virtual environment, so you can continue your studies without interruption.

  • If you are interested in ways to fund your education, UMGC offers several scholarships for new and returning students.
  • Busy with Defender 2020? UMGC can provide customized classes, also online classes, to accomodate your unit needs. Just ask and we can get you started right away.


Course TypeRegistration DeadlineClass Dates
Spring 2020   
On-site Session 2 (Late starts at some locations are available)15 March16 March - 10 May
Online Session 415 March16 March - 10 May
Summer 2020  
On-site Session 12 June3 June - 28 July
Online Session 119 May20 May - 14 July
Online Session 216 June17 June - 11 August

See our schedule of classes to learn more; course dates may vary by site. Servicemembers: tuition assistance policies and deadlines, and access to portals by branch, may be found on our TA page.

We can't wait to see you in class!

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